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Latteral marketing programme launched for regional businesses


Design Shannon, the design promotion agency in the Shannon Region, has assembled an group of IT international experts in the fields of creativity and innovation to help Shannon Regioncompanies unleash the creative potential within their businesses.

A new programme n called Strategic dl Directions, which was launched in Limerick this Thursday, has been formulated by Design Shannon to stimulate creativity and nurture innovation in local businesses.

Four of the programme's speakers, Bettina von Stamm, Innovation Exchange, London Business School, Alison Rieple, professor of strategic management director of research at Harrow Business School; Raymond Turner, UK based independent specialist in design leadership and management and Sean McNulty, director of the knowledge transfer, trainer and consultancy group, Innovator, spoke at the launch event.

The Strategic Directions programme, which begins later this month and runs through to November 2007, will involve companies committing themselves to 21 training days over this period.

The programme has five distinct modules - creativity, research, new product development, competitor analysis and marketing communications designed to help companies build and develop a clear step by step path for the development of new products and services.

Design Shannon's Deirdre Johnston said of the participating companies: "We want them to break out of this norm; to share learning and knowledge. We want them to join up their thinking; to think from a design management perspective; to acquire a new company-wide strategic skill set which will work for them and ensure that they can develop successful products through their own resources."


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