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Limerick jobs index

There was a big jump in demand for recruits to the health care sector in Limerick during February, according to the latest Bank of Ireland job index for the region.

The number of job advertisements in this sector was up 116 per cent on the previous month, with the professional and retail sectors also showing healthy growth of 57% and 26% respectively.

The job index tracks the number of recruitment advertisements placed in the regional newspapers in Limerick on a monthly basis.
February saw the highest number of recruitment advertisements recorded since November of last year.

In total, 634 advertisements were recorded for February, a 10 per cent increase on January.

Despite these increases and the strong demand for labour, there were some declines. The most significant of these were in the financial (down 60%), IT/Tech (down 44%) leisure (down 28%) and retail (down 25%) sector.

There was also a decline in the education, construction and manufacturing sectors.

The high demand for labour in Limerick is also evident across the other key urban centres of Waterford and Cork with strong demand for labour in the professional sector, in particular, also evident in these cities.


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