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Limerick cements its booming development image

The new business park under delevopment  in Limerick

The largest single concrete pour in the city took place this week in one of Limerick's most ambitious construction projects.

Over 600 cubic metres square of space at the new Delta Business Park on Tipperary Road was covered in the pour, which took just over eight hours.

The proposed site will include a large shopping complex and an industrial estate.

The pour began on site at 5am on Tuesday, continuing until 3pm.

Fourteen trucks from Gleeson's Concrete made 118 trips to and from their base in Tipperary Town to the site to ensure the first section of the development was covered in concrete within the time period.

And a second section is due to be poured next week, with six more pours of equal size to take place in the coming weeks.

"This is fast track construction. It is an American way of doing things," said Jonathan Blackmore, consultant engineer with the project.

In total, eight sections of 600 cubic metres will have to be covered in this development.

The huge project will see 104,000 square feet of retail and 80,000 square feet of industrial space constructed.

"We expect to have the retail park complete by the summer. A number of big names have already secured units," said developer Ger O'Sullivan.

Pat Kearney of Rooney Auctioneers will be involved in letting the units.

Mr Blackmore, who also lectures in LIT, brought his final year site management students to the site.
"I think it was great for them to see a development such as this, especially one this colossal," he said.


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