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Lean Tools e-learing suite launched at UL

Executives from some Ireland's leading ompanies, including Dell, IBM, Honeywell, Bausch & Lomb and EMC, attended the recent launch of Lean Tools, a new suite of e-Iearning Courseware developed in UL, which is designed to enhance productivity and service efficiency within these companies.

The launch was carried out by Prof Roger Downer in one of his last roles as University president prior to his retirement.

Funded by industry partners, the Lean Tools suite is the product of a two year project undertaken by the Enterprise Research Centre (ERG) at UL and is seen as an excellent example of university and industry collaboration.

"Lean is a proven philosophy and toolkit that involves the systematic identification and elimination of waste the production or service systems in individual companies and the creation of value from the standpoint of the customer," said Liam Brown, development manager at the ERC.

According to Mr Brown, e course will be mainly led by the team members in the Irish client companies, expecting to train more than 1,000 people.

"The rollout of the suite of Lean courses to international sites is also in process, with selected courses translated into German, Italian and French. The course has also been deployed as part of the University of Limerick's Diploma in Quality Management: Lean Systems, a one year distance learning/internet based course aimed primarily at an industrial audience and will feed into an MSc in Quality Management that is currently being developed," said Mr Brown.

The project is not sector specific but is aimed at all industry sectors including manufacturing and service. The suite of courses comprises of an interactive, user-based learning solution, coupled with highly assessable learning methodologies.

There are seven courses in the Lean tools package: Lean Fundamentals, SS, Standard Work, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, e-Statistics and Hoshin Planning.

The ERC is a University of Limerick based multidisciplinary research centre that conducts leading edge research on the challenges facing current and next generation enterprises. The main focus is on improving its clients' performance by integrating research, learning and work. The activities of the centre revolve around enhancing innovation, competitiveness and sustainability within Irish industry.


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