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Concerns over Mary I Building Plan Delays

Mary Immaculate site

Lack of government approval is hampering developI ment at one of the city's largest thirdlevel colleges.
And although Mary Immaculate College has been repeatedly told that it is at the centre of the Department of Education's focus, building has not moved beyond phase one of a five phase development plan.

Two of the other phases remain stuck at the design stage, while the remainder have not yet reached the design stages.
In December the college was marked for development under the Government's €900m investment in third level education.

The plan includes a 500 seat theatre, lecture theI atres, computer labs, teaching space and related facilities.

However, the college has yet to receive written confirmation of the funding nearly two months on. chology.

Dr Cremin said that he accepted some delays were were inevitable as the building works were being one on the grounds of the college. But, he added, the situation as it now stands is unacceptable.

But education officials are adamant that the long  wait is as a result of nothing more sinister than formalities.

"We are awaiting word from the Department of Education on this. the announcement stands but funding has to be finalised. We are just waiting for formal confirmation of the development and funding. It's just the formalities. There were a lot of projects announced and Mary Immaculate College is not alone in their situation," a spokesperson for the Higher Education Authoritysaid.

He added that because a number of projects were given the go-ahead in the December announcement that they would have to consider this year's capital spend allowance and phase in the new developments.

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