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Limerick internet practitioners launch search portal for every type of request

Ray Nangle team leader

A group of Limerick internet practitioners have announced the official launch of their comprehensive information web site portal,, which is aimed at bringing together a global network of contributors each supplying information in their specialist field, with a view to promoting world-class search facilities for anyone researching on the web.

Visitors to the web site may access numerous categories each with in-depth details for a variety of niche markets, from lose weight, breastfeeding, credit card repair, cheap travel and many more.

" aims to provide a platform for searchers from all walks of life - students, scientists, professionals, housewives, hobbyists etc. where they can access a wealth of information resources easily and quickly from the website", said Ray Nangle, team leader. also allows searchers to post their specific information request online if it isn't already within the database.

"This web site gets down to the 'nitty-gritty' by providing practical and functional information for every type of request you could imagine," points out Mr. Nangle.

"It gives searchers highly relevant reports for their topics and truly aids them in satisfying their desired needs, within their search paramaters, while pointing them to other relevant options in the process.  What we provide is answers to specific questions that are more relevant than anyone else's," he said. provides visitors with a free platform for finding vital information, education, news and full access to category specialists while also creating valuable business opportunities for suppliers of products and services to these niche markets.

“We are also delighted to introduce a new search product to our offering,” explains Mr. Nangle,

 “We are already upgrading our production policy in order to satisfy all the needs of searchers.  The aim of this process is to further widen our relevance by providing links to companies with relevant product offerings targeted at the various niche markets. In that way our visitors can find everything to satisfy their search needs at It's a win-win for everyone”

Nangle says that the ultimate credit goes to the team members who showed particular dedication in tackling the many difficult and complex problems in realizing the project. The end result is a search portal that is a deeply satisfying online experience.

"Everyone involved signed up to tackle one thorny issue or another, and they all over-delivered," he says. "It's been a phenomenal partnership, and we wouldn't be shipping now without their dedication and committment." can be accessed at: