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New Book Club Aims To Unlock The Secrets Of Good Business

Limerick City Enterprise Board has launched a new concept in book clubs known as the Business Book Club.

The fIrst meeting of the club took place last Thursday at the Pery Hotel. The selected book was The Pope's Children-Ireland's New Elite, by David McWilliams.

The aim of the Club is to read a business book, which delivers the latest ideas in sales, marketing, management and entrepreneurship. The group then meets and discusses the selected book.

According to Burga Fullam, business advisor with the Enterprise Board, many business people plan to read business books but the book often ends up on the bedside locker untouched.

"The Club forces people to get to grips with the book and then allows them to discuss what they have read in a friendly informative stimulating environment," she said. The March book, The EMyth . Revisited by Michael Gerber, though written in 1995 it is still relevant today, according to Ms Fullam.

Gerber contends that most small business owners run into diffIculty because they think and work like technicians.

They try to do the work of the business, rather than learning how to run the business. Gerber writes" "If your business depends on you, you don't own a business-you have a job."

The group also selected the books for April, May and June. They are Getting To Yes by Roger Fisher which deals with the importance of Negotiation is the April book. Maximllm Achievement by Brian

Tracy, has been selected as the May book and presents influential ideas and principles that can be used to improve many areas of your life.

The June book Winning by Jack Welch explores the changes of recent times and the new economic realities and identifies the central, immutable prinCipals of doing business right and ,doing it well.

The next meeting takes place on Thursday March 23. Membership is open to anyone in business and there is no charge.
Meetings will take place at Perys Hotel Glentworth 8t and run from 1pm - 2pm.
Pre booking is essential.


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